Deeza Chassis Parts CH-T612 Outer Tie Rod End

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Deeza Chassis Parts CH-T612 Outer Tie Rod End
Manufacturer: Deeza Chassis Parts
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Product Description

Patented technology outer tie rods for superior driving experience. New innovative patented design completely eliminates the problems of serviceable chassis parts infiltrating dirt, moisture and other contaminants into the internal cavity of the dust boot. One-piece body forged in hot forging presses with temperature control equipments, ensuring precise forging temperatures. CNC machined for perfection. For ease of installation, the tie rod body has been designed with wrench flats. Designed for protecting the joint from contamination. No holes, gaps or valves. Elastic CR 60 material allows the dust boot skirt to bend out only when injected with additional grease. Enhanced polymer bearing design resists radial/axial and vibrating forces. POM material ensures low friction performance during changing operating conditions. Upper and lower dust boot rings are specifically designed to prevent dust boot tear. Acting much like a spring, they optimally maintain the correct clamping force and remain totally unaffected. The ball is induction hardened and its surface roughness is decreased into most possible lower level for smooth drive. SAE5140 material is hardened and machined for perfection and zero-defect, and as a result of this process its resistance to corrosion and break away is maximized.

Product Details

  • 2 year / 40,000 miles manufacturer warranty
  • Installed on over 10 million vehicles throughout North America and Europe
  • Premium quality products designed with latest patented technologies
  • packaging
  • Tested and approved according to international standards of SAE J193 ball stud and socket assembly test procedures

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